The abstract and the figural--ghosts of each other? Manifestations of the mind on the same plane? Contact me for pricing.

This series of monotypes (oil paintings on paper) is based upon remembered images from "Underground Cities" in Turkey. Gli Interni Profundi reveals an interior landscape, the hidden parts of the Psyche. Here is the roiling soup of the creative self, interior elements that lurk in the shadows, convoluted fragments of organism that coalesce and drift apart. At once mysterious and poetic, the deep interior underpins all that we are. Please contact me for pricing.

I Strati Esterni is a series of monotypes inspired by the walls and gardens of old buildings in Italy. These are original oil paintings. I make a monotype by painting a picture on a plexiglass plate and then transferring the painting to 100% archival rag paper using my etching press. Although a monotype is technically a fine art print, it is an original piece--not part of an edition. Please contact me for pricing.